Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sometimes It is Okay to Not to be Tolerant

Below is the email sent to the following email addresses. If you wish, you may cut and paste these addresses into your email programme. We cannot touch Alan Jones through the broadcasting regulator (his comments were off air) and his association with 2GB (financially and personally) make it unlikely he will be dismissed or reprimanded for damaging the 2GB brand.;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to you as a sponsor and supporter of Alan Jones and 2GB. I am hoping that your company is sensitive to the opinion of the wider community beyond 2GB listeners. Over many years, the shock jock comments of Alan Jones have largely been tolerated. I personally have tried to see his positive aspects, particularly in his support of rural and remote communities and non-profit organisations. We have even allowed the issues with the alleged 'cash for comments' affair and his alleged dealings with London police to go to the keeper.

He sailed too close to the wind with his comments about women "destroying the joint" for which any reasonable person would regard as a misogynist comment. If women in leadership roles have been incompetent, it has nothing to do with gender but incompetence in that persons performance. Nothing more and nothing less and to suggest incompetence is gender related is out of step with modern community values. It was not surprising that this became a national trending discussion point on social media.

This latest outburst has taken things too far and confirms that he is out of step with community values. I consider it to have been totally un-Australian. I will not repeat the story behind this matter as you will already be well versed in the course of events as well as the dishonourable attempts to either cover up or massage the truth from what has already been reported in the media. The matter has absolutely nothing to with one's political persuasion and this occasion, the community has had enough and is clearly voicing its displeasure through social media and conventional channels. I believe that your continues support of 2GB implies your continued support of what he stands for. Calls for him to step down or to be censured by 2GB are futile as he is understood to have shareholder of 2GB and enjoys a long close friendship with those who control the station.

I feel sufficiently strongly about this matter that I write to you to appeal to you distance your company from Alan Jones and 2GB. Your failure to do so makes you complicit to his increasingly unacceptable behaviour. With your continued association with Alan Jones and 2GB, I intend to personally make every effort to use products and services of your competitors and would encourage others to do the same. To under-estimate the opinion and power of social media is at the peril of your organisation's community standing.

I sincerely hope that you will do the right thing.

Henry Woo

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