Sunday, February 16, 2014

First Data Published from a Twitter Based Journal Club

It is pleasing to report the ongoing success of the International Urology Journal Club on Twitter.  The first 12 months experience has culminated in the publication of a manuscript in the journal European Urology.  This is the highest impact journal in the field of urology at 10.476.   

Link to the article is at:-

The manuscript is expected to be indexed on Pubmed any day from now.

The 48-hour asynchronous format has worked well for time poor surgeons who find it difficult to commit to a designated on line meeting time.  The format has also enabled global involvement given that time zones are no longer an issue.  This is not to cast criticism at the fixed time journal clubs.  As a relatively small surgical specialty, global involvement is necessary to have sufficient participation to make it viable.  Larger specialty interest groups enable regional fixed time journal clubs to flourish.

Following on from our model is the commencement of a respiratory and sleep medicine journal club (#rsjc) and one from the general surgeons (#igsjc). We are eager to see that they succeed.

We will see more online journal clubs and hopefully more data to quantify participation and value as a CME learning tool.

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